The Fish Market

Catania's «Pescheria» fish market district

Over a century of history

The Piscaria (as the city’s natives call it) is located right behind the Cathedral of Catania, only a stone’s throw from the famous fountain of the elephant known as the Liotro and the historical Amenano fountain named after the underground river flowing below the city.
This fish market district is one of the symbols of the Catania of bygone days. Calling it a “market” is simply a euphemism.

The Catania fish market is immersed in the depths of the old town centre. Some booths are covered while others operate in the open air. The entire ambiance tells a magical story of fish in the city: the colours, aromas and boisterous voices create one of the most evocative and picturesque corners of Catania. The market has even been included in tourist itineraries from around the world: The Germans, French, Russians, Spaniards, Americans and Japanese are literally crazy about this district.

The undisputed King of this market is the Fish: tons of delicacies from the sea are on display, booths overflowing with all the pleasures you can find in all possible shapes, colours and sizes. Swordfish, octopus, amberjack, tuna, dentex, clams and other molluscs, cod, shrimp and lobster. Dozens and dozens of fishermen who have just arrived ashore screaming at the top of their lungs. This is the scenario for a social event that has taken place every single day since the late 19th century.


It is impossible to describe Catania in a few, short words.

One must begin with the Greeks and cross through centuries of history: the Romans, Byzantines, Normans, Swabians, Aragonese and the other civilizations that pervaded, dominated and enriched the city.

One should tell of the earthquakes and flows of lava from Etna that destroyed the city and burned it to the ground over the millennia – without ever putting a single dent in its appeal.

One should tell the story of a people who has always found the strength and courage to rise up from its own ashes with architectural structures that amazed and astonished. This city is caressed by the waves of the Ionian Sea and a dazzling sun throughout the year.